Davina Snyders

Elemental, Biophilic and Sustainable Building Designer

Structural Landscaping Designer

Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Natural Product Specialist

Interior Designer & Colour Consultant

Functional Nutritionist

Over 25 years experience

in Design, Construction and Property

Trev Snyders

Master Builder and Joiner


Structural Landscape Specialist

Elemental and Biophilic
Building Design Consultant

Construction Manager

and Property Developer

Property Valuer

Over 25 years experience in Construction, Developing and Property

Consulting for The Elements 
& Climate


Green Draft work with you to design your home or commercial space that will be safer within Nature's elements - wind, earth, fire, water.  Working with materials rated for the harsh Australian climate we use nature to direct our designs. 

Green Draft create spaces that are safer, healthier, sustainable, smarter, more comfortable and energy efficient while being  kinder to your wallet and respecting the earth.



Structural Landscaping


Green Draft's team believe that there needs to be synergy between the home, the interior and the outdoors.

Our team specialise in structural landscaping to create areas that open onto and blend in with the natural surroundings while respecting the elements and keeping you as safe as possible.


Green Draft also has an incredible
plant, stock & waterfeature supplier.  Bamboo South Coast





Interiors, Styling &
Colour Consultancy


Green Draft's experienced  design team will transform your interior to work with nature's elements and
the flow and essence of the property.  We combine beautiful and sustainable materials (including bamboo, glass, sustainably sourced timber products and natural fibres and textures) together to create a sancturary that you love and that looks after you and the earth.


Our team includes experienced and passionate

interior designers, stylists and colour consultants and
professional photographers.


We also specialise in de-cluttering holiday accommodation
and can advise on and design amazing holiday friendly homes.  Green Draft owned and managed an award winning holiday home and have the experience to help you.



Construction &
Project Management


Green Draft's team can organise and manage your project from concept through to completion.  This includes design, plans, site set-out, civil works, sewer encasements, roads and drainage, retention pits and drains, liasions with Council, building designers, trades, builders and full construction, interior design, styling, landscaping and profesional photos.


Our trades are professional, experienced, licensed and reliable.






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Contact Us

61 405437457 or 61 406459898

Follow us on Instagram @GreenDraft_Design

if you wish to book a consultation with our designer and builder on working with the elements to create a safer home please phone or email us below.


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