Sustainable & Biophilic Design



Through a sustainable, biophilic and holistic approach, our aim is to create healthy lives and environments through home+body+earth synergy.  We often talk about healthy living as exercising and eating well, (of course very important and essential), but have you ever considered the home you live in, work from, or are about to build?

Research has found that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors - whether at home, at the office or in transport.  The majority of these spaces have sick building syndrome - they are either hot and stuffy, cold, damp and mouldy, with little or no sun or air flow and are often filled with toxic building materials, VOC paints and fumes, synthetic carpets, floor coverings and even chemical covered furnishings.

A healthy home and space to live and work in can save money on heating, cooling, water, electricity and medical bills.

There needs to be synergy between home+body+earth for you to live a healthy lifestyle.




The Designer & The Builder


Davina Snyders

Elemental, Biophilic and Sustainable Building Designer

Structural Landscaping Designer

Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Natural Product Specialist

Interior Designer & Colour Consultant

Functional Nutrionist

Licensed Property Specialist

Over 25 years experience in design, construction and property

Trev Snyders

Master Builder & Joiner

Structural Landscape Specialist

Elemental and Biophilic Building Consultant

Construction Manager & Property Developer

Property Valuer

Over 25 years in construction, developing and property

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