Why Do We Use Bamboo?

1. It's a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  It generates up to 35% more oxygen and absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of trees.

2. A natural control barrier, it greatly
reduces rain run-off.

3. It prevents soil erosion and keeps twice
as much water in the watershed.

4. Bamboo lowers light intensity and
protects against ultra violet rays.

5. It creates a natural privacy screen that can naturally filter sun, wind,. noise and neighbours.

6. Bamboo self mulches and needs very little water and care once established and doesn't
need any fertilisers or pesticides.

7. It grows really fast and establishes just as fast.

8. It's sustainable.  Good for the air,
the earth and your health.

9. You can let it grow or hedge it to a
height you want.

Our bamboo is non-invasive clumping bamboo.


The home needs minimal lighting all year round, with LED lights used for night inside and out.  

The HWS is a Sanden Heat Pump using 19,000L of rain water stored in a tank under the house.

Any electricity used is from the sun with a 6.6KW solar system on a north facing skillion over the garage and the studio.

High insulation in the walls, roof and under the floor, thermally broken double glazed windows and doors and natural light and cross ventilation results in a comfortable home year round that is not only energy efficient but cost effective, with no mechanical heating or cooling.

We do have a very low omission, (way beyond Australian standards) and highly efficient wood burner to take the chill off those extra cold winter nights, if we aren't outside by our incredible Yagoona firepit.


All timber is sustainably sourced.


With a perfect north aspect the home is flooded with natural light all day, all year.  With 2m eaves the house is warm in winter and cool in summer.  Optimum comfort year round helped by thermally broken and superior double glazed windows
and doors including interior doors.  The construction is SIPS or structural insulated panels - 150mm panels external walls and roof and 100mm internal walls, resulting in high R values and low maintenance.  

Even though we aren't governed by bushfire regulations, the SIPS can be used up to a BAL 40.

A healthy space should be designed around aspectprevailing winds, sun direction, air flow, rain and a respect for the earth and an understanding of how the occupants live and work within that space. 


Through a sustainable, biophilic and holistic approach our aim is to create healthy lives and environments through home+body+earth synergy.

We often talk about healthy living that is exercising and eating well,
(very important), but have you considered the home you live in, work in, or are about to build?


Research has found that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors - whether at home, at the office or in transport.  
The majority of these spaces have sick building syndrome - they are either hot and stuffy, cold, damp and mouldy, with little or no sun or air flow and are filled with toxic building materials, VOC paints, synthetic carpets, floor coverings and even furnishings.


A healthy home and space to live and work in can save money on heating, cooling, water and even medical bills.  

You need a synergy between home+body+earth to live a healthy lifestyle.


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